More Effective EU Democracy Support in the Eastern Partnership

The intention of this paper, co-authored by Miriam Lexmann, Věra Řiháčková, Márton Ugrósdy and Richard Youngs, is to match political trends within the EaP states to short- and medium-term policy recommendations that the EU should be able to introduce through revisions to its democracy support instruments, mainly within the ENP and ENI reviews.

This research paper was prepared in the framework of the project: ‘Agenda for reforming EU democracy funding in Eastern Partnership states’ which has been supported by the International Visegrad Fund and carried out in partnership with the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (IFAT-Hungary), and the International Republican Institute.

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Richard Youngs
Senior associate in the Democracy and Rule of Law Program, Carnegie Europe
Márton Ugrósdy
Research fellow at the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Věra Řiháčková Pachta
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: EU foreign policy, western EU partners,EU cooperaton and develpmnet, EU security and counterterrorist policy

Miriam Lexmann
Director of the EU Office of the International Republican Institute

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