RTVS | EU leaders meet in Brussels

What topics are the EU leaders discussing at the summit in Brussels? Will they be able to find unanimous agreement on the use of the frozen Russian assets? Will the requirements for farmers be amended? Vít Havelka, an analyst at the EUROPEUM Institute, commented on these topics for Slovak RTVS.

"If unanimity is required, disagreements must be resolved through negotiation. Negotiations are held until states agree. However, it may happen that if one state blocks a broad agreement across the EU, it gets into a situation where it simply has to back down. As we have seen, for example, with Hungary. The situation is much simpler when negotiations take place by qualified majority. A single state cannot block the negotiations. Which topics have to be passed unanimously and which by qualified majority are determined by the treaties."

You can watch the full interview from minute 18:00 here.


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Vít Havelka
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