Balkan Insight | Czechia: Close of 2023 a grim warning of difficult times ahead

Faced with multiple domestic and geopolitical challenges and a population vocally demanding change, Czechia’s unpopular government will urgently need to find new impetus if it is to stand a chance against resurgent right-wing populists. Our researcher Klára Votavová provided her expert commentary for Balkan Insight.

“The way the government has been acting has discouraged and disappointed a lot of people, including many of those who voted for them in 2021. At this point, a lot of people would still refuse to vote for ANO or SPD, but they see no viable alternative among ruling parties, and decide to voice their anger in the streets"

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Klára Votavová
Research Fellow

Expertise: Social policies, EU digital policies, Just Transition, Central and Eastern Europe

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