Impact of New Technologies on International Relations: Digital Threats to Democracy

We would like to invite you to the debate "Impact of New Technologies on International Relations: Digital Threats to Democracy". The debate will take place online on the 13th of October at 10:30am at the Facebook page Think Visegrad in Brussels.

New technologies are becoming increasingly important in our everyday life as drivers of our economy, society and politics. The relationship between technology and international relations is becoming a pressing issue as new tools also brought up new challenges that could become a threat to the stability of democracy and security. How does technology affect international politics? How can the EU protect its citizens against disinformation and polarization of society? And what is the role of Big Tech companies? What effect can outages, such as the one Facebook experienced, have on security?


  • Markéta Gregorová, Member of European Parliament, Greens&EFA
  • Edina Heal, Member of Advisory Board at Equilibrium Institute; former CEO of Google Hungary
  • Linda Monsees, Senior Researcher at Institute of International Relations Prague
  • Dominika Hajdu, Policy Director at Center for Democracy and Resilience, GLOBSEC


Host: Katherine Klačanský, Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

We will broadcast the event live online and it will be possible to watch the live broadcast on the Think Visegrad in Brussels Facebook page. You will be able to participate in the discussion directly during the debate through comments below the video. Live broadcast will be available here.

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