Foreign Policy: Au Revoir, Hollande

Our Martin Michelot contributed to Foreign Policy's ''Au Revoir, Hollande'' article following the announcement of the French President to not run for reelection in next year's presidential race.

Foreign Policy's article Au Revoir, Hollande quoted our Deputy Director Martin Michelot, who commented Hollande's decision not to run for reelection:

Hollande announced his surprise decision to head off an embarrassing showing in the primaries (...) He would have risked a real humiliation in the Socialist primaries, due to deep and historical unpopularity. 

The president’s decision to step aside opens up space for his Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who is now the frontrunner for the party.

Fillon has also been able to capture the Catholic conservative right that could have tilted towards Le Pen, had the conservatives presented a more moderate candidate.

You can read the whole article on Foreign Policy's website.

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