Foreign Policy: Divided French Left Struggles to Block Marine Le Pen

Martin Michelot was quoted in an article by Emily Tamkin on Foreign policy about the French elections.

Our Martin Michelot commented on the french elections in an article by Emily Tarmkin on Foreign policy. He spoke about Emmanuel Macron, his political behaviour and its influence on the Socialist Party. 

Experts like Europeum’s Martin Michelot say Macron himself has weakened, if not yet fatally, the Socialist Party. Though never a party member, he did once serve in a Socialist government as minister of finance. But he skipped the Socialist Party primary, moving ahead with his own, independent movement, known as En Marche (“Foward”). He is holding parallel meetings, collecting Socialist deputies who are defecting, and painting himself as a political outsider who nevertheless has the support of the chattering classes.

You can read the full article on Foreign Policy's website.

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Martin Michelot
Senior Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: NATO and transatlantic security, European foreign policy and defense, French politics, elections and society, Visegrad Four and Central Europe, EU institutional issues

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