Senior Researcher / Leader of a Research Programme

EUROPEUM Institute is currently looking for a Senior Researcher/Leader of a Research Programme for one of our work streams with a research focus on topics such as EU’s climate policy and decarbonization of industry, role of the EU as a global player, social dimension of EU regulatory framework, cohesion policy and/or MFF.

Show more | Ursula von der Leyen to lead the European Commission again

Ursula von der Leyen will lead the European Commission for another five years. This was decided by MEPs on Thursday, July 18. Von der Leyen received 401 out of 707 valid votes. What determined her election? And what are her main topics? Researcher Zuzana Krulichová from EUROPEUM Institute discussed this on

Show more | Changing the Green Deal is almost impossible and its cancellation is not desirable

The Czech government's press conference on Wedesday was delayed by nearly two hours due to discussions on the giant nuclear tender for the completion of Dukovany. The originally planned approval of the Czech Green Deal was postponed. Prime Minister Fiala emphasized that no new commitments would be adopted and the government would seek to mitigate the impacts of previously approved measures. However, as noted by researcher Rebeka Hengalová from EUROPEUM Institute for, altering the Green Deal is nearly impossible and canceling it is neither feasible nor desirable.

Show more | At the EPC Summit in the UK, the Czech Republic will sign a bilateral agreement with Ukraine

The United Kingdom is preparing for a major summit of the European Political Community (EPC). After the Czech Republic, Moldova, and Spain, Britain is only the fourth hosting country. Among other topics, the states will discuss Ukraine and illegal migration. On a bilateral level, the Czech Republic will sign a security agreement with Ukraine. Jana Juzová, a researcher at EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the summit for

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ČTK | Czech cities are unprepared for heatwaves. They can find inspiration in Barcelona

Czech cities can draw inspiration from southern Europe in combating heat, such as Barcelona, which has effective plans and is better adapted to high temperatures. For instance, the city boasts over two hundred "climate shelters" in publicly accessible spaces like museums, galleries, offices, and libraries, providing drinking water, air conditioning, and informational services. However, the Czech Republic is unprepared for heatwaves. Associate Researcher Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute Katarína Svitková commented for the Czech News Agency.

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Policy paper | Managing imperial decline: a new EU policy towards Russia

Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has shattered the post-Cold War international order built upon East-West interdependence and cooperation. The European Union (EU) - which had tried to pursue a strategic relationship with Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 - must now adapt to the geopolitical reality of Russian neo-revisionism. Hugo Blewett-Mundy, an Associate Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, identifies four areas where the EU's policy towards Russia could evolve to confront this emerging security situation in Europe.

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Dení | Czech Republic can find inspiration in southern Europe in the fight heatwaves

Czech cities could take inspiration in combating high temperatures from cities in southern Europe, such as Barcelona, which has effective plans and is well-adapted to extreme heat. Barcelona boasts over two hundred climate shelters in publicly accessible institutions like museums, galleries, offices, and libraries, providing drinking water, air conditioning, and informational services. According to Katarína Svitková, an Associate Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, Czechia lacks action plans and responds to heat only at the last minute. Preparedness for tropical days is crucial for protecting the population, especially seniors and young children, for whom summer days are the most demanding.

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ČT24 | Patriots for Europe in the EU

The new political group in the European Parliament, Patriots for Europe, which includes the Czech opposition ANO movement, serves Russia's interests and threatens Europe's security, according to Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala. Vít Havelka, a senior research fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the new party for ČT24.

Show more | Election surprise in France

In recent days, early parliamentary elections have been held in France, but there is no clear winner with a majority. Vít Havelka, Senior Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, describes how the situation in France may develop further.

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e15 | A run-off election starts in France. Macron and Bardella's double rule would weaken the country in the EU

The nationalist National Association of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella and left-wing parties are seeking victory in the second round. On the other hand, President Emmanuel Macron's party, is hoping for better results than in the first one. Researcher at EUROPEUM Institute Zuzana Krulichová commented for e15.

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