TA3: Summit EU in Brussels

Our associate research fellow Zuzana Stuchlíková commented on the EU Summit in Brussels, where representatives of member states met to discuss important topics, including future relations with the United Kingdom or the tightening of emission targets for 2030. The commentary summarizes the important points of the summit and the results of the first day of negotiations.

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Info.cz: The higher climate goal of the EU has approached, the Czech Republic will no longer block it

Our researcher Kateřina Davidová recently published an article on news portal Info.cz which deals with the topic of decreasing European emissions. The author responds to the unexpected turn of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in the issue of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and his support for the European goal.

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Visegrad Insight Podcast: A Warning Sign for the Czech Governing Coalition

Zuzana Stuchlíková, Associate Research Fellow at Europeum, is a host in Visegrad Insight Podcast, discussing Czech elections in October and explaining to us what are Czechia's foreign policy priorities in the EU but also with particular reference to the rule of law.

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Info.cz: There is going to be enough money for Czech Republic from EU budget. However, we still don´t know how to use them

Our research fellow Vít Havelka in his latest article published by the news portal Info.cz commented on the Czech approach to the recently agreed EU budget for years 2021-27 and the use of funds from a pandemic-response package.

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Info.cz: The new Marshall Plan? The European Commission is trying to "kickstart" the economies of the Western Balkans

Our researcher Jana Juzová recently published an article on the news portal Info.cz dealing with the evaluation of developments in the countries applying for EU membership. In the text, the author summarizes the outputs that the European Commission came up with in its report and also comments on possible assistance in the form of the Economic and Investment Plan.

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INVITATION: EU± // New pact on migration and asylum

At the very end of September, the European Commission introduced a new pact on migration and asylum. It is a complex package of measures which responds to events of 2015 and 2016 and to the fact that there has been a very little progress made in regard of the migration and asylum policy reform. What exactly does the Commission’s new proposal contain? Will new migration quotas be introduced? Which measures will Czechia like the most and which of them will we criticize again? Our dear guests will answer not only these question during the next debate from series EU± on Wednesday, October 14 at 6:30 PM.

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Info.cz: We ourselves must take over the responsibility for our future, Europe is outlining the path for us

Our researcher Kateřina Davidová recently published an article on news portal Info.cz which deals with the topic of decreasing of the European emissions. The author opens the topic of Czech sceptical approach towards the new climate plan which was published by the European Commission mid-September.

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Euractiv: The EU's common debt can be a model for the future, but it is essential to address the budget's own resources

Our research fellow Zuzana Stuchlíková commented on the priorities of the new Commission in an article for the Euractiv server. Ursula von der Leyen mentioned these priorities in her recent State of the Union Address 2020.

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Deník.cz: Fight against greenhouse gases. The Union wants faster emission reductions

Our researcher Kateřina Davidová together with Nikola Hořejš from STEM commented for Deník.cz on the question of how the Czech public perceives the climate goal of reducing emissions. Ursula von der Leyen addressed the topic in connection with the State of the Union Address 2020.

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Czech Perception of the EU Climate Policy

The latest article from Vít Havelka aims to explain how the Czech population perceives the EU Climate Policy and especially the European Green Deal.

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