iRozhlas: 'Fresh' first month of the presidency. The Union is relieved that the Czechs have negotiated even a problematic point like gas

In their article on the current European energy policy, refers to the study Gas in Numbers - European solidarity with gas: where does the Czech Republic stand?, which was prepared for EUROPEUM by our researcher Michal Hrubý. Michal Hrubý also commented in more detail for iRozhlas on the necessity of building energy independence from Russia, reducing annual consumption and Czech interests.

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E15: The Kremlin wants to use gas to break up the European Union. Experts say it will not succeed

Russia's Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been operating at only 20 % capacity since Wednesday. According to Bloomberg, Russia will not restore supplies to full capacity as long as anti-Russian sanctions remain in place. Our researcher Michal Hrubý commented for that with sufficient gas supplies and appropriate savings, we will definitely get through this winter.

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How do we manage energy in the Czech Republic? What will be the energy situation in the future and how can we save? Our Research Fellow Michal Hrubý commented on this for the news server

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iDnes: Even nuclear energy and gas? Europe faces a key clash over what counts as green

Our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová commented for on the EU taxonomy proposal that was rejected last week by two key committees of the European Parliament. They are concerned that nuclear energy and natural gas should be among the sustainable resources.

Show more The Germans and the Dutch are looking for a replacement for Russian gas wherever possible. They also want to mine in the North Sea area

The newly announced possibility of gas extraction in the North Sea will not solve the current situation. "In the medium and long term, it is only one of many solutions to diversify resources. But the question is whether it will have a significant impact on the European gas market and European independence." However, raw material extraction projects in the EU must be supported.

Show more The West may sacrifice Nord Stream 2. The pipeline faces further US sanctions

Our researcher Danielle Piatkiewicz commented for the news portal E15 on the situation regarding the planned sanctions against Russia in the case of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

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Energie bez emisí: How will an emission-free economy transform Czech industry and transport?

Our researcher Kateřina Davidová appeared on Energie bez emisí programme, where she talked about how we can best help Czech industry with the transformation, despite the fact that domestic companies are rather sceptical about the transition to an emission-free economy.

Show more European Investment Bank Will Stop Finance Fossil Fuel Projects, Natural Gas Included published an article by Přemysl Souček which cited statements from our debate "Prague Climate Talks: Financing the transition to a low carbon economy". Andrea Ferjenčiková, Julian Toth, and Helena Zavázalová attended the debate.

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Dení Fight against greenhouse gases. The Union wants faster emission reductions

Our researcher Kateřina Davidová together with Nikola Hořejš from STEM commented for Dení on the question of how the Czech public perceives the climate goal of reducing emissions. Ursula von der Leyen addressed the topic in connection with the State of the Union Address 2020.

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Carbon dioxide emissions won't get lower if we don't make changes in agriculture

On August 8th the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a special report about climate change and land. Our Kateřina Davidová writes about it in her latest blog.

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