Lidové noviny | The shortcut does not lead to the Union. And Orbán's attitude? He has taken Ukraine and other EU countries hostage, says expert

Viktor Daněk, our Deputy Director, gave an interview to Lidové noviny about support for Ukraine and the opening of accession negotiations and Hungary's position in the expected negotiations at the European Council summit.

Show more Heating and transport will become more expensive, EU states approve reform of emission allowances

European Union countries on Tuesday gave final approval to another part of a package of climate standards aimed at significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade. Our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová commented on this issue.

Show more The exception to the embargo is a birthday present for Orban, says a researcher at the Europeum think-tank

Our research fellow Michal Hrubý gave an interview to on the topic of oil imports to Europe and exceptions to the embargo. In the interview, he also describes the compromises in the negotiations on the form of the embargo.

Show more The head of the European Council will arrive in Prague. He wants to discuss the focus of the Czech summit, Zeman is not expected

Our Researcher Vít Havelka commented for the Czech Presidency and the Czech summit. In the interview, he answers questions about the summit and plans for the Czech Presidency.

Show more Most of the events during the EU presidency will be hosted by Prague, leaving the regions with only unimportant crumbs

The director of our institute, Vladimír Bartovic, spoke in favour of the website about the Czech presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Show more The East does not catch up with the West. The line between the old and new EU states is evident in the pace of vaccination

The director of our institute, Vladimír Bartovic, spoke for the news about the differences between the western and eastern states of the European Union. From the post-communist area, only Lithuania managed to match the speed of vaccination of the West.

Show more Pirate sailing into the EU ripples domestic waters. Politicians beat their proposal, and the coalition partner does not agree

The director of our institute, Vladimír Bartovic, spoke in favour of the website in support of the majority voting system in the Council of the European Union, to which the Pirate Party supported. According to Bartovic, a majority vote would be possible at least on foreign policy issues.

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CTK and others: 56 percent of Czechs would vote again for joining the EU, the survey shows

Czech Press Agency and other media published a report on a public opinion poll concerning the Czechs' opinion on membership in the European Union. The survey was prepared by the STEM Institute of Empirical Studies in cooperation with the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

Show more Multi-speed Europe will be, thanks to Macron, a reality. It's on the Czech Republic to judge its stance.

Our Martin Michelot commented for on the outcome of the French presidential race that elected Emmanuel Macron.

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Martin Michelot's French elections spotlight

Our Deputy Director's takes on the French presidential elections, in chronological order and continuously updated.

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