Visegrad/Insight | Tractors Trending: V4 Populists Appropriate the Farmers’ Protests Ahead of the EP Elections

The populist camps in the Visegrad Four countries have used the farmers' protests in their populist campaigns for the European Parliament elections in June. A fundamental change to the last EU elections in 2019 is visible in the politicians' messages towards the people, with social media taking over the classic platforms such as television, press or radio. Project Manager of Global Europe programme at EUROPEUM Institute, Oszkár Roginer-Hofmeister, wrote an article on this topic for Visegrad/Insight.

Orbán’s team promoted the idea that change must occur because "Brussels abandoned Europeans"; Kotleba warned his voters against the dangers of "servility to the EU", while Babiš interpreted an article on how life in Europe will look like in 2040 by stating that the “Brussels octopus” had already “devised an idea for you.”

Read the full article here.

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Oszkár Roginer-Hofmeister
Project Coordinator and Analyst

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