Deník N: Thanks to Biden, the climate in geopolitics will not be ignored, was heard on the Prague Climate Talks

Experts from our Prague Climate Talks series, which consists of expert debates focusing on climate change, commented on what current US climate policy looks like and what changes the new office of President Biden will bring. They also focused on what this means for the European Union and other countries.

By reconnecting the United States to the signatory states to the Paris Agreement, Biden not only kept his pre-election promises, but also officially announced the return of the United States as an active and responsible player. In addition, by organizing a global climate summit on 22 April, Biden,  confirmed the US's readiness to become a global leader in green transformation, said Katharine Klačanský, researcher at the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

Experts also said that the US has committed itself to the most ambitious climate goals to date, showing that climate policy will be their priority.

You can read the whole article in czech here. 

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