TV Nova | How does the Czech public view climate change and the development of renewable energy sources?

Before the upcoming elections to the European Parliament, a debate was held on TV Nova among the leading figures of the seven main political parties, movements, and coalitions. Discussions revolved around important issues such as the migration pact or the conflict in Ukraine. Rebeka Hengalová, a research fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, provided an analysis for TV Nova on how the Czech public views climate change and the development of renewable energy sources.

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TV Nova | Development of renewable energy sources

How does the Czech public view climate change and the development of renewable energy sources? Do they see it as a path to competitiveness? According to Czechs, should the European Union focus on environmental issues? Rebeka Hengalová, a research fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, discussed the STEM survey results in collaboration with the EUROPEUM Institute on the program "Naše Evropa" on TV Nova.

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JOJ24 | Post-election negotiations within the European Parliament and the potential of the far right

The far right is often disunited, as it lacks electoral discipline and prioritizes its own interests of national politics over its political group. In an interview for the Slovak television JOJ24, Žiga Faktor, Deputy Director and Head of the Brussels Office of EUROPEUM Institute, describes the role European Conservatives and Reformists and the far right from the Identity and Democracy Group could play in coalition building.

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ČRo Plus | New Far-Right Political Group? Giorgia Meloni Will Impact Post-Election Status Quo

Is there a possibility of the emergence of an extreme right-wing political group in the European Parliament? Could it influence European affairs? What impact could Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni have on the status quo? Who is attempting to gain her favor and other questions are answered in an interview for ČRo Plus by Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute.

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Policy paper | Here to stay, but in what form? Researching the potential of cross-border telework in the digital economy

The rapid uptake of telework, facilitated by digitalisation, has upset a system based on physical presence in the workplace in the EU. Especially since the pandemic, telework has become increasingly prevalent and an integral part of employees’ working and expectation patterns. Our research fellow Silke Maes covered this topic in her policy paper, highlighting the challenges and opportunities telework presents for cross-border coordination.

Show more | Candidates' debate for the post of European Commission chief

With less than two weeks to go until the European Parliament elections, voters can choose their representatives with the help of a Europe-wide debate of candidates for the post of the future President or President of the European Commission. Five candidates, including the current head of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who is seeking her second mandate this year, met in the debate on Thursday. Topics discussed included defence and security, the environment and the importance of democracy. Martin Vokálek, Executive Director of EUROPEUM Institute, spoke to about the importance of the debate for Czech voters and the outcomes of the individual candidates.

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MF Dnes | Battle for the European Commissioners

With the upcoming elections, political parties are expressing their views on potential candidates for EU commissioner and their chances. Among the most frequently mentioned names are Danuše Nerudová, Jozef Síkela, and Marcel Kolaja. What experiences are most important for potential new members of the European Parliament? And is it better for them to have a narrow specialization or a broader overview? These questions are answered by Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute, for newspaper Mladá fronta Dnes.

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TV Nova | How to maintain competitiveness of the European Union

Elections to the European Parliament are approaching, and MEPs face an important task: to maintain the competitiveness of the European union in the face of growing dominance from China and the United States. Europe must also grapple with rising debt in most member states. What attracts investors to the United States and China? And where does Europe lag behind? For the main evening broadcast TV Nova commented EUROPEUM Institute analyst Filip Křenek.

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ČT24 | EU elections

According to predictions, conservative right-wing parties are expected to gain strength in the upcoming European elections. How significant will their influence be? Or do they only have blackmail potential? Will the rhetoric change in traditional EU parties as well? Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute, answered these questions on the programme "Pre-election Europe" on ČT24.

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Timpul Prezent | European borders, EU enlargement and growing polarization in Slovakia

What are the borders of Europe and how do they coincide with the borders of the European Union? What are the prospects for EU enlargement towards the Western Balkans and the former Soviet states? These questions are addressed by Jana Juzová, senior researcher at EUROPEUM Institute for the Timpul Prezent podcast. She also discussed the consequences of the recent attack on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and highlighted the growing polarization of Slovak society and the potential threat to media independence.

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