ENP Review - Towards effective EU action in the Eastern neighbourhood?

Our brand new publication project called the EASTERN MONITOR begins with a critical analysis of the recent European Neighbourhood Policy review written by our associate research fellow, Věra Řiháčková.

  • The recent review of the European Neighbourhood Policy has been under heavy scrutiny because of its importance in defining the nature of relations between the EU and its neighbourhood, at a time when tensions have flared up with Russia. Each country is affected to a different extent by the review, which overall favours rational cooperation over the “more for more” principle, in an effort to redefine how the EU can strengthen these states.

Read the full policy paper, in Czech or English, in PDF next to the article.

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Věra Řiháčková Pachta
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: EU foreign policy, western EU partners,EU cooperaton and develpmnet, EU security and counterterrorist policy

Eastern Monitor Archív
Publications series

Provides updates on the European Neighbourhood Policy agenda of the EU and the integration and enlargement issues.

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