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In 2023, the Green Europe team of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy introduced a series of workshops aimed at communicating the topic of green transformation to the Czech public. The aim is to support journalists and civil society in developing public discourse on climate change and climate policies.
Last year, the Prague Climate Academy focused on sustainability in transport. The topic of the first workshop was the decarbonisation of car transport in the context of electromobility. The second workshop focused on transport sustainability in the city of Prague.
In 2024, we are following up with the topic of city adaptation to climate change. We will offer a series of discussions and workshops with experts on public space adaptation, blue-green measures, and public participation.

The Prague Climate Academy draws on the expertise of experts from various disciplines, including sociology, marketing, public administration and green technology, in an effort to bring a much-needed multidimensional approach to the issue of climate change. It focuses on topics that are particularly difficult to communicate in the Czech Republic, such as sustainable transport, including electromobility, and public space measures.  

  • Workshop I: How to communicate effectively about e-mobility in the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the British Embassy in Prague (22 February 2023)
  • Workshop II: Prague passable or Prague clogged? Communicating on Contentious Urban Mobility Issues, in cooperation with the British Embassy in Prague (8 November 2023)
  • Workshop III: Climate in Prague: Adaptation of Public Space in Practice and Communication, in cooperation with the British Embassy in Prague (7 March 2024)
  • Workshop IV: Climate in Prague: The City and Heatwaves, in collaboration with the British Embassy in Prague (3 June 2024)

Recommendations in CZECH from the first workshop can be found by clicking on the PDF button

Recommendations in CZECH from the second workshop can be found by clicking on the PDF button

 Recommendations from the third workshop in Czech can be found by clicking on the PDF button.


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Katarína Svitková
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Climate policy, sustainability, city resilience and urban governance, security policy, international higher education

Tatiana Mindeková
Project Manager / Analyst
Rebeka Hengalová
Research Fellow
Kateřina Davidová
Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: EU climate and energy policy, environmental protection

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