POLICY PAPER | Gendering Europe’s Security and Recovery Responses to Ukraine

The policy paper, written by Míla O’Sullivan, illustrates that to centre the gender dimension and women’s voices in all aspects of Europe’s security and recovery responses to Ukraine are areas with the most serious gendered impacts and identifies the risks of gender-oblivious responses to Ukraine’s peaceful and sustainable future as well as to its European integration.

"Some international responses have gradually responded to the gendered humanitarian needs, and donors have been funding women’s civil society inside Ukraine including advocacy and organizing efforts but the gendered consequences of the war have been ever deepening at the same time. It is now urgent to respond to these, while also building on the momentum of women’s agencies and gender progress in policies and legislature."

You can find the entire article under PDF button.

This policy paper was developed as part of the Think Visegrad scholarship program in Brussels. 

#Gender #Ukraine

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