POLICY PAPER | The lingering war in Ukraine: Security implications in Europe

Orsolya Ráczová writes that it is difficult to predict the long-term effects of war with certainty, yet it is essential to be aware of the fact that the longer a war continues, the more dire its long-term impact becomes. The era of relative peace and stability in Europe is over, security should no longer be taken for granted. Europe needs to rethink its security at EU, NATO and Member State level. It is also essential to strike the right balance to ensure security at home while providing much-needed support to Ukraine.

"The war has devastated Ukraine. Indiscriminate attacks are no longer limited to te eastern part of the country and pose a constant threat to civilians, while targeted attacks on the infrastructure, particulary on the energy infrastructure, leave large portions of population without acces to electricity, heat, or water."

 The full article can be found under the PDF button.

This policy paper was prepared as part of the Think Visegrad fellowship programme in Brussels.

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