Český rozhlas: Czech households and companies are failing to save on electricity compared to gas

While businesses and households can save gas, they are not doing so with electricity. Why is that? A study on this topic has been produced and commented on by its co-author and our researcher Michal Hrubý for the Czech Radio stations ČRo Plus and Radiožurnál.

"Until now, the emphasis has been on gas-savings. It was triggered by Russian aggression, gas became a commodity that brought one dimension of the war to Europe. So the main effort has been to focus on gas, its availability for the upcoming winter. Electricity has played a smaller role so far, but we know that the price has also gone up because of gas, and now we need to measure up to the savings of electricity, which will not be easy."

You can listen to the full interview (in Czech) for ČRo Plus here (9:51:20) and for Radiožurnál here (10:09:50). 

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Michal Hrubý
Research Fellow

Expertise: EU green economics, heavy industry, transport

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