Background Study | Minerals and Metals for the energy transition

On Thursday 8 September 2022, a briefing was held under the leadership of the European Climate Foundation and with the support of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, entitled: "Do we have enough minerals and metals to achieve energy transition and electromobility?". The briefing also produced a short background study on Minerals and Metals for Energy Transition.

What questions did the briefing specifically address?

  • How many minerals (metals and minerals) do we need for a sustainable energy and transport transformation?
  • How much does supply need to increase to match demand and climate goals?
  • Where and how much private and public investment is needed in the minerals for the transformation?
  • The geopolitical situation and dependence on China.
  • What are the environmental impacts of the extraction of minerals needed for the energy transition?

The briefing was held on the occasion of the conference on Raw Materials Security of Europe, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as part of the Czech EU Presidency on 12 September 2022 in Prague. The full background study prepared by the European Climate Foundation is now available for download.

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Michal Hrubý
Research Fellow

Expertise: EU green economics, heavy industry, transport

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