MF DNES: EU to buy gas together, no price ceiling yet

European leaders agree on how to tackle the current gas situation. The solution should be joint purchases or compulsory solidarity between countries in case of emergency. Two instruments to limit the price of gas were agreed. The first is a dynamic price limit, which should moderate prices in the event of a rapid increase. The second should ensure that prices are corrected in the event of fluctuations during daily trading on the stock exchange. Our research fellow Michal Hrubý provided his view on these solutions to Mladá fronta Dnes.

"The dynamic price limit is not yet concrete"

"In today's situation it is not so important to put a specific number on the table because prices are falling and the market is calming down. It is possible that there will not be a problem with price increases this winter, because the storage tanks are full and the European Union has managed to contract LNG supplies," says Hrubý

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