ČRo Radiožurnál: Who is to blame for expensive energy? Germany's influence is being demonised, says analyst

At an emergency meeting of EU ministers called by the Czech Republic, ministers came up with proposals on how to tackle rising energy prices in the EU. The meeting was an important demonstration of European unity, says our senior research fellow Kateřina Davidová. At the same time, Davidová points to the overestimated and often demonised impact of Germany's nuclear exit on the energy situation.

"It is certainly not the fundamental issue for Europe now. It is Russia and Putin, who has been deliberately increasing prices for more than a year," Davidová says. 

"Developments in Germany are very often presented in our country in a one-sided way and demonised. Of course is gas needed to cover the fluctuations in renewables, but it is not that the German Energiewende alone affects the situation in the whole EU."

The full article (in Czech) including the podcast Bruselské chlebíčky can be found here

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Kateřina Davidová
Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: EU climate and energy policy, environmental protection

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