Eastern Monitor: Great Power dynamics in the Taiwan straits: What lies ahead?

In the last Eastern Monitor, Michal Beneš focused on the dynamic conflict between the great powers in the Taiwan Strait. He focused on what might await us in the future. The text doesn't aim to find a solution to this complex conflict but instead presents several possible future scenarios to its readers.

The history of the ‘Taiwan straits’ issue dates back to the Kuomintang’s loss in the Chinese Civil War in 1949. Since then, the conflict has been anything but calm or resolved. Nevertheless, it is now, in the past couple of months and years, that we see the resurgence that gives it a new life, and maybe a new future. This paper aims to delve into a path the conflict might take in the time to come while presenting the reader with possible scenarios we might see in the next couple of years. Its goal is not to provide answers and offer solutions, merely to aid in understanding the dynamics behind the ‘Great Power play’ in the straits, while touching upon the innate issues that drive them. The main focus will be put on the developments of the past and the coming decade, rather than delving into the conflict’s history and its very beginnings.

You can access the document by clicking the PDF button.

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