RTVS: Arming security forces in the context of terrorism in Norway

Christian Kvorning Lassen, deputy director and head of research at EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the RTVS programme Rádiožurnál on the terrorist attack of 13 October 2021 in the context of arming the security forces 10 years after Anders Breivik's attack.

Bows and arrows are not usually in the crosshairs of the police. It's not something that would be considered a tool that terrorists could use to attack. At this point, the attacker has deceived the security forces. If he had only wanted to attack with firearms, he probably would have been caught. Even ten years after the Utöya attacks, they are more vigilant than in the past. 

You can listen to the commentary here.

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Christian Kvorning Lassen
Deputy Director & Head of Research

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