POLICY BRIEF: A 10-billion deal: The European Innovation Council to finance and accelerate breakthrough technologies across Europe

In the final part of the EUROPEUM series on the Innovation pillar of Horizon Europe, our Associate Research Fellow Katarína Svitková focuses on the European Innovation Council (EIC), officially launched in March 2021.

Counting with a budget of EUR   10   billion   for   the   period   of   2021-2027, EIC  becomes  the  most  robust  funding  platform  for connecting innovative research   and   industry   in Europe. The  principle  of  EIC is to support emerging technologies and applications, giving a much-needed starting  boost  to  innovations  which  require  a  great deal  of  funding  to  start  with.  The  objective  is  to ensure  the  applicability  and  marketability  of  these innovations, helping companies, job creation and the (local) economies. Almost   one   third   of   the   EIC   budget   will   be committed  to  the EIC  Equity  Fundwhich  aims  to support  scaling  up  promising  startups  and  SMEs developing breakthrough innovations. From developing nanotechnologies to hydrogen production or smart urban mobility, the objective is to  support  small  businesses  to  address  the  currentenvironmental, technological and societal challenges, end help put European companies at the forefront of innovation.

You can read the full policy brief in PDF.

#Horizon Europe

Katarína Svitková
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Climate policy, sustainability, city resilience and urban governance, security policy, international higher education

2021–2027 Horizon Europe
Publications series

A series of articles by EUROPEUM's Associate Research Fellow Katarína Svitková, focusing on “Innovative Europe” – the third dimension (or the 3rd pillar) of Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe is the EU's key funding programme for research and innovation.

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