REPORT: Prague Climate Talks: Financing the transition towards low-carbon economy

On 26th September 2020 we organized this year's fourth online debate from the Climate Talks cycle about the issue of financing the transition towards low-carbon economy.

  • The fourth and last Prague Climate Talks debate of this year took place on Monday 26th October from 4pm. The project is organised by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in cooperation with Heirich-Böll-Stiftung Prague and under the auspices of the UN Information Centre in Prague.
  • The debate focused on financial aspects of the low-carbon transformation and it featured Andrea Ferjenčíková (European Investment Bank), Helena Zavázalová (Czech Insurance Association) and Julian Toth (International Sustainable Finance Centre) as speakers. It was moderated by Kateřina Davidová from EUROPEUM.
  • The recording of the debate is available on the Facebook page of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

At the beginning of the discussion, all speakers agreed that although the topic of sustainable finance has become more prevalent in the Czech environment during the past year and the discussion has moved forward, we are still lagging behind the global trend in this area.

Helena Zavázalová added, that banks have finally begun to communicate together on this topic and started sharing best practices. One of the reasons for this shift is the fact that customers are more sensitive to sustainability issues and banks can use their activities in this area also for successful marketing.

Full report can be downloaded through the PDF button on the right. 

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Kateřina Davidová
Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: EU climate and energy policy, environmental protection

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