POLICY PAPER: European Green Deal: will it bring structural change?

Lucie Vinařská authored a policy paper for the 12th debate of the Prague Climate Talks series titled "European Green Deal: will it bring structural change?", which will take place online on EUROPEUM's Facebook.

  • The European Union is now taking the lead on climate action when striving to transform Europe into the first climate-neutral continent. This aim is at the core of the European Green Deal, a new strategy introduced by the Commission in December 2019.
  • While the European Union and the rest of the world’s community is mobilizing, the climate change and environmental degradation are reaching unprecedented heights and posing an existential threat to the whole world. Climate change is by its nature a trans-boundary issue that requires a coordinated action.
  • The EU’s ambitious plan was introduced during a time of a “green boom”, when environmental issues were among top political priorities. But is this Deal really going to turn the tables?  

However, the biggest question mark yet poses the world-wide coronavirus outbreak. Whereas the sudden turnover from climate crisis to health crisis seems to have transferred all the necessary capacities, there have been calls from governments as well as the private sector for green measures to be the cornerstone of the future “comprehensive recovery plan”. 

You can read the full policy paper using the PDF button on the right side.

You can find more information about the event here.

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