RTVS: New European funds criteria

Our Vladimir Bartovic in an interview for RTVS spoke about the new European funds criteria for the member states.

Our Vladimir Bartovic in an interview for RTVS spoke about the new European funds criteria for the member states. Are poorer states going to receive more funds on the account of the Visegrad group?

With the new criteria, one factor that could come into consideration is how well the member states allocated for migration quotas. It will serve as a way to punish those regions, that did not conform to these quotas sufficiently. 

The extent to which this new system is going to be implemented also depends on the successes of diplomats representing the central European interests. It will be necessary to persuade the partners and to form a coalition of regions that share our [Slovakian] demands.

The new criteria would come into effect 2021-2027 could also favour countries with a larger number of smaller farms. This change would be problematic, because the Czech Republic and Slovakia have their agricultural sector dominated by big companies. 

 The complete interview (in Slovak language) is available here.

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