EUobserver: Czech PM Babis courts EU after Zeman win

Our director Vladimir Bartovic commented on the situation after the Czech presidential election 2018 and assessed the position of the Czech PM Andrej Babiš towards the EU.

Vladimir Bartovic regarding the attitude of Andrej Babis to the EU. 

Babis, a billionaire tycoon, would not do anything to destabilise EU markets because that would hurt his own companies in France, Germany, and further afield. He  just wants to stay in power and to protect his business interests. The EU is the only viable option for that.

Babis is unlike Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban or Polish ruling party chief Jaroslaw Kaczynski because the Czech leader did not share their conservative ideology. He is a pragmatic politician and a businessman. He's neither liberal, nor conservative, not left, or right.


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