REPORT: The year 1968: Czech-Polish reflection - shared experience, shared enemy?

In the aftermath of our public debate titled "The year 1968: Czech-Polish reflection – shared experience, shared enemy?'' that took place in the framework of the Czech-Polish Forum project, nine essays by Czech and Polish authors were published and are available right now.

On the 12th of December, 2017 a public debate took place in Langhans Cafe which was a reflection of the historical events of 1968. Czech and even Polish speakers took part and they shared with the public their perception of the year 1968.

​Under the cooperation in the Czech-Polish Forum, Czech and Polish authors wrote essays focusing on this topic. One paper titled "Why is the year 1968 relevant in the regional context?" was made by our Michal Vít who also organized and moderated the debate.

All of the essays are available on the right under the PDF button.

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Michal Vít
Research Fellow (until September 2018)

Topics: Political parties, National identity, V4

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