Notre Europe: The winner of Czech Republic legislative election is Andrej Babis

The winner of the Czech parliamentary election is sometines called Czech Trump, or Berlusconi.

The winner of the Czech parliamentary elections is sometimes called Czech Trump, or Berlusconi. However, Andrej Babis is in a difficult situation, as from the 8 remaining parties, which have entered the Chamber of Deputies, a large part of them refuse any cooperation with the mentioned Andrej Babiš and his whole ANO movement.

Andrej Babis wants to assemble the majority government with 101 seats out of 200 in the Chamber of Deputies. With his 78 seats, he needs another 23 seats. The only single party that could help him build a government would be the ODS with 25 seats.

However, it is totally unacceptable for the ODS to form a government with Andrej Babis as he is being prosecuted. 

The whole situation can be complicated by the final OLAF report, which can greatly weaken the whole ANO position and the party will find it very difficult to find coalition partners.

The whole commentary on the elections by Martin Michelot, in French language, can be found in the right corner in PDF format.

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