Hospodářské noviny: Either money or migrants

Our research fellow Michal Vít talks with Hospodářské noviny about the situation of the migration crisis in the Balkans.

Our research fellow Michal Vít talks about the situation of the migration crisis in the Balkans with Hospodářské noviny following his trip on the Balkans route. According to him, the EU should continue paying Serbia if the member states intend to keep the migrants away from coming into the EU. The EU should also not hinder the accession efforts of the Balkan states in order to prevent Russia from taking over the region.

The EU is helping Serbia. Just recently, the EU sent 15 million euros (over 400 million czk). If such aid is continued, no major problems will emerge. It's simple: if we pay, stability will prevail. If not, who knows what happens.

According to Vít, the EU cannot let Russia take over the region pointing out the recent attempt  of a coup in Montenegro, in which Russia was probably behind.

You can read the article in Czech here.

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Michal Vít
Research Fellow (until September 2018)

Topics: Political parties, National identity, V4

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