BLOG: The Sixth Sanctions Package & the Visegrad Group’s Reliance on Putin’s Gas

Jakub Ferenčík wrote a blog on the current topic: The Sixth Sanctions Package & the Visegrad Group’s Reliance on Putin’s Gas. Russia's aggression in Ukraine has necessitated another package of sanctions, this time in the energy sector. Due to the lack of alternatives for gas supplies, the Visegrad Four countries had a problem with the implementation of the latest sanctions package. In the end, the EU found a consensus and introduced exemptions for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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BLOG: The Militarization of Europe: Three Reasons the EU’s Defense Strategy Changed

Jakub Ferenčík wrote a blog on the topic: The Militarization of Europe: Three Reasons the EU’s Defense Strategy Changed. In his blog, he writes for example about three reasons why the EU defence strategy has changed or the militarisation of Europe and the future of deterrence.

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BLOG: French elections amidst the French Presidency – a reflection of the impact of the French Presidential campaign

Esteban Gas has written a blog about the French elections that took place during the French presidency. While Macron’s re-election at a glance enables another term of continuation of the existing French agenda in the Union, the tightening of the gap between the far-right and Macron will have to be acknowledged politically in the years to come and might affect the EU.

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Blog: In tandem with COVID - 19, other, less visible, mental health crises are on the rise.

Michaela Stanová has written a blog in which she discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of us all. She argues the emergence of COVID-19 has caused not only an increase in, but also an worsening of, pre-existing mental health problems, but fortunately also an interest in addressing them. This is both at the individual level and at the legislative level.

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BLOG: The stakes of the upcoming French elections

Rose Hartwig-Peillon writes in her blog about the upcoming French elections. How does the war in Ukraine affect the French presidential election, is Macron already the clear winner of the election or is it not a certainty? Is there a lack of a proper national debate in France?

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Blog: Discrimination Is Not A Tradition: Case of Poland

Leila Institorisova wrote a blog post on "Discrimination Is Not A Tradition: The Case of Poland", where she analyses Poland's attitude towards LGBTIQ+ rights.

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BLOG: Is the COVID-19 pandemic the coup de grace Hungarian democracy?

Intern Filip Sidó wrote a blog on "Is the COVID-19 pandemic a coup in Hungarian democracy?" in which he discusses the newly declared state of emergency in Hungary, which allows Prime Minister Orbán to rule through decrees that essentially give him unlimited power.

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Blog: Renewed EU–Southern neighbourhood agenda: is economical aid a right tool to achieve EU’s targets?

Our intern Magdalena Rubin wrote a blog article on the topic of Renewed EU-Southern neighbourhood agenda.

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INTELLINEWS: VISEGRAD BLOG: Zeman tries to show he is still in charge of Czech foreign policy

Our Director Zdeněk Beránek has contributed to a piece by Robert Anderson for Intellinews. He tackles Zeman´s stand on the Visegrad Four partnership and his obstruction to shift the foreign policy of the Czech republic towards a focus on human rights.

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Blog: The power of a unified foreign policy: Europe’s not so united position

Mark Szabó wrote a blog on the topic: The power of a united foreign policy.

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