Policy report: Charting a new path for a reinforced and improved V4-France cooperation

We're publishing the final policy report from the project: Charting a new path for V4-France cooperation, which was written by sixteen invited experts including our Martin Michelot.

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RTVS: Relationship between Czech Republic and EU

Director of Europeum Vladimír Bartovic, in an interview for RTVS, commented the changes in relations between Czech Republic and EU, which are negatively affected by the current policies of the Czech Republic.

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CEPA Forum 2016 Conference

On Wednesday and Thursday, September 28th-29th 2016 annual CEPA Forum 2016 Conference, organised by Center for European Policy Analysis will take place in Washington, DC.

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Call for papers - Academic Debate on Slovenia's Role in Visegrad Group

Call for papers for a project focused on the Visegrad Group.

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