Words and deeds in Glasgow: COP26 as a milestone in global climate policy?

In the next Policy Paper, Katarína Svitková writes about the conference which will take place in November 2021, Scotland’s largest exhibition center in Glasgow is to host an international climate summit of great importance titled the United Nations Climate Change Conference, known as COP26. The 26th Conference of the Parties continues a series of high-level international climate summits, the first of which was held in 1995 in Berlin, Germany

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CNN Prima News: Scottish independence tendencies on the rise due to Brexit and pandemic

Our director Vladimir Bartovic appeared on Sunday, December 27 on the broadcast of CNN Prima News where he commented on the current Scottish independence tendencies.

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E15: Brexit and pandemics empower Scottish nationalists. But the new referendum will not happen soon

Vladimír Bartovic commented on the Scottish independence for the E15 daily.

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When will actions follow rhetoric in climate policies?

In her blog post, Tuba Nilüfer Uğur writes about promises and actions in a fight against the climate change.

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Labour Party's labour's lost or has Margaret Thatcher been forgotten?

Zuzana Kasáková’s follow-up blog focusing on results of elections to autonomous legislative bodies of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Read more about some of the historically unprecedented results and difficulties accompanying proportional voting system.

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Radiožurnál: Scottish Independence Referendum

Vladimír Bartovic for Radiožurnál on Scottish referendum.

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Aktuálně.cz: Chain reaction. If Scotland leaves, the British are one step closer to leaving the EU.

Zuzana Kasáková, EUROPEUM's research fellow, commented on the future of the EU.

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