| Le Pen's MEPs will weaken ANO's influence in the party

Members of Marine Le Pen's political party will join the newly formed Patriots for Europe group. They will thus become the largest group in this party and thus achieve a better position than the MEPs of the ANO movement. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini's League is also expected to join. For commented Martin Vokálek, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute.

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ČT24 | ANO establishes a political alliance with Orbán and Austrian FPÖ

The Italian League, led by Matteo Salvini, will join new European Parliament party announced by the ANO movement, along with Viktor Orbán's Fidesz and the Freedom Party of Austria. They have identified the sovereignty of countries, the fight against illegal migration and the revision of the Green Deal as priorities. The alliance, called Patriots for Europe, now intends to invite other parties, and the group must be made up of MEPs from at least seven countries. Martin Vokálek, Executive Director of EUROPEUM Institute, comments for ČT24.

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Respekt | It's time to unite. Marine Le Pen is enticing the cooperation of the Italian Prime Minister

In France, final preparations for the July summer Olympic Games are underway, but according to surveys, less than half of the French believe the country can ensure a their smooth course. Confidence in current political leaders has also been undermined by the European elections, where the opposition scored a significant victory. The opposition far-right National Rally led by Marine Le Pen no longer wants to leave the EU; they want to influence it. However, they need allies for that. Žiga Faktor, Deputy Director and Head of the Brussels Office at EUROPEUM Institute, comments on this for Respekt magazine.

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Horizont ČT24 | Immigration centre in Albania

A large-scale immigration centre is to be operational in Albania from August. Rome is building it to take illegal migrants intercepted at sea out of its territory until the asylum process is completed. Critics say the plan is unfair to migrants because it will disproportionately prolong their stay in the European Union when they are assessed. Is this an effective solution or is it just part of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's election campaign? Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented for Horizont ČT24.

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ČRo Plus | New Far-Right Political Group? Giorgia Meloni Will Impact Post-Election Status Quo

Is there a possibility of the emergence of an extreme right-wing political group in the European Parliament? Could it influence European affairs? What impact could Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni have on the status quo? Who is attempting to gain her favor and other questions are answered in an interview for ČRo Plus by Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute.

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ČT24 | Representatives of two factions absent from the Spitzenkandidaten debate

Five candidates for the post of President of the European Commission faced each other in the Spitzenkandidaten debate. Two factions did not send a representative at all. Moreover, these are the very factions that could be significantly stronger in the European elections than in the previous period. Missing were representatives of the far-right Identity and Democracy group, of which the SPD is a member for the Czech Republic, as well as the European Conservatives and Reformists, on which the Czech ODS sits. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented for ČT24 about whether they were significantly absent from the debate.

Show more | Report on the EU internal market has a huge importance for Czechia

During the recent summit, politicians came to discuss key issues regarding the situation in Ukraine, the Middle East, relations with Turkey, and the competitiveness of the European Union against the United States and China. Executive Director of the EUROPEUM Institute, Martin Vokálek, provided commentary for According to him, it is crucial for Czech politicians and diplomats to be actively engaged in these discussions.

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BLOG | The case of Lampedusa: A humanitarian crisis in the midst of a dilemma between EU solidarity and states’ sovereignty

In September 2023, Lampedusa, a small Italian island, faced an unprecedented surge in arrivals, sparking a heated debate within the EU. With conflicting perspectives from leaders like Ursula Von der Leyen, the focus has shifted from humanitarian aid to security concerns. This blog written by Nicolas Rouillard explores the complexities of the crisis, the divergent opinions, and the critical decisions ahead that could reshape Europe's approach to migration.

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Studio ČT24: Vote of confidence in the government of Giorgia Meloni

Our research associate Alexnad Lagazzi commented for ČT24 on the current situation of the newly formed Italian government. What is the current state of the government and what will the opposition come up with? How will the government revise the reforms that lead to EU support and how will Italy's foreign policy evolve?

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ČRo: What will be the first steps of the new Italian Prime Minister?

Italy has a new government headed by Giorgia Meloni. She took over from her predecessor Mario Draghi on Sunday and was sworn in by President Sergio Mattarella on Saturday. Meloni will lead Italy's most right-wing government since World War II, with Matteo Salvini of the right-wing League of the North party and Antonio Tajani of the conservative Up Italy party as her deputies. The first steps of the new Italian prime minister were outlined by our Associate Research Fellow Alexandr Lagazzi for Czech Radio.

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