Is Germany too much for us?

Edit Inotai, as part of the project Think Visegrad, published a policy brief on the role of Germany within the EU and towards the V4 countries.

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France 24: French revolution: Will Macron blow up traditional left/right divide?

Our Martin Michelot was a guest on France 24, where he commented on the recent naming of Edouard Philippe as the French PM.

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Martin Michelot's French elections spotlight

Our Deputy Director's takes on the French presidential elections, in chronological order and continuously updated.

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La Dédiabolisation

Martin Michelot was the co-author of a new article La Dédiabolisation analyzing the success of the far-right Front National, its political program, and the impact of the potential success of Front National's leader Marine Le Pen in the French presidential elections.

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Foreign Policy: Au Revoir, Hollande

Our Martin Michelot contributed to Foreign Policy's ''Au Revoir, Hollande'' article following the announcement of the French President to not run for reelection in next year's presidential race.

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ČT24: Brexit aftermath talks

After the "mini-summit" of top leaders of Germany, France and Italy took place, Michal Vít spoke for Czech TV (ČT24) about the future form of European integration.

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ČT24: Who will be the next French president

The campaigns for the French presidential elections of spring 2017 are slowly kicking off. Martin Michelot analysed the chances of different candidates in his interview for ČT24.

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RTVS: Causes of Muslim radicalisation

Our Head of Research Martin Michelot shared his views on Muslim radicalisation in K veci programme on Radio Slovakia on Thursday, July 21.

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ČT24: Brexit aftermath talks. Who is missing?

Michal Vít was a guest on ČT24 the 13th of July. He spoke about the summit on Brexit aftermath, that is to be held at the end of August by Germany, Italy and France, whose president, Francois Hollande, invited the other two European leaders.

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French foreign policy has to be reconsidered

In the wake of the November 13 Paris attacks, French president Francois Hollande decided to intensify the French military operations to a level politically and financially unbearable in the long term.

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