Draghi, the 'stabiliser of Italian politics', at a crossroads. He must resolve government disagreements or call early elections

Italy is facing a government crisis. Prime Minister Draghi has announced his resignation, but the president has not accepted the resignation. Alexandr Lagazzi, our associate research fellow, commented for on the current political situation in Italy and the related resignation of Draghi.

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EURACTIV: Reform of European elections or the whole EU. Czech Presidency opens sensitive topics in Prague

The Czech Republic, in its role as the presiding country, will have to deal with the European Parliament's proposal to launch the so-called Convention - the process of treaty change. Minister Bek announced that he would send a questionnaire to his European colleagues to find out which proposals could be implemented with or without changing the Treaties. Our researcher Zuzana Stuchlíková commented on the questionnaire initiative for Euractiv.

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Stošestka: How does the victory of Vučić and Orbán threaten the values of the rule of law?

Jana Juzová, EUROPEUM Research Fellow, participated in the new episode of Transparency International's Stošestka podcast. From Brussels, she explained how the elections in Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia, and France decided the political future of Europe.

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ČRo Radiožurnál: The failure of the right and Janez Janša - Slovenian parliamentary elections

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, gave an interview to ČRo Radiožurnál on the results of the parliamentary elections in Slovenia. Is there a chance for change in Slovenia?

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ČRo PLUS: How are the Slovenian parliamentary elections going?

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, gave an interview for ČRo PLUS about the parliamentary elections in Slovenia and, for example, the role played by Ukraine.

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ČRo: German reaction to the re-election of Emmanuel Macron - a clear pro-European signal

Our Associate Research Fellow, Tereza Novotná, was interviewed by Czech Radio about the French presidential election in which Emmanuel Macron was re-elected and France's position in the European Union.

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BLOG: French elections amidst the French Presidency – a reflection of the impact of the French Presidential campaign

Esteban Gas has written a blog about the French elections that took place during the French presidency. While Macron’s re-election at a glance enables another term of continuation of the existing French agenda in the Union, the tightening of the gap between the far-right and Macron will have to be acknowledged politically in the years to come and might affect the EU.

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ČRo: How are the Slovenian parliamentary elections going?

Our researcher Žiga Faktor was a guest on the Czech Radio afternoon news. The news focuses on the parliamentary elections in Slovenia. It mentions how the main candidates differ and their stance on the war in Ukraine. In this context, it also mentioned what themes resonated among Slovenian citizens the most.

Show more The tipping point has arrived. The West is losing patience with Serbia, Vucic faces his toughest test yet

Our researcher Jana Juzová commented for on the Serbian elections, which were unusually important this year. The commentary details what made this political contest unbalanced, what the post-election set-up in Serbia looks like at the moment, and what surprises the elections offered.

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E15.CZ: French presidential election: markets are terrified of Le Pen's victory. Businesses back Macron

Rose Hartwig-Peillon commented for on the upcoming presidential elections in France. The candidate of the far-right National Front, Marine Le Pen, is closing in on leader Emmanuel Macron (Republic on the Move) in the polls, which has spooked investors there. Nevertheless, the current French president remains the favourite to win.

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