POZVÁNKA: Znovusjednocení Německa z české perspektivy – veřejná konference v Liberci

Rádi bychom vás pozvali na debaty v rámci projektu rEUnify, které proběhnou v pátek 3. června v Technické univerzitě v Liberci. Akce je pořádána Institutem pro evropskou politiku EUROPEUM a Technickou univerzitou v Liberci.

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INVITATION: Implications of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine for the Western Balkans: Challenges and Options for the Czech Presidency

The EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, the Balkans Policy Advisory Group (BiEPAG) and the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) invite you to a public conference on the Balkans and its politics at the event entitled: Consequences of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine for the Western Balkans: Challenges and Opportunities for the Czech Presidency. The debate will take place on 11 May 2022 at 18:30 at Impact Hub K10, Koperníkova 10, Prague 2 - Vinohrady, 120 00.

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INFO.cz: Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova are claiming their place in the European Union. Will there be an Eastern Enlargement 2.0?

The European Union's enlargement policy experienced a shock at the end of February when Russia-attacked Ukraine applied for EU membership. In the following days, Georgia and Moldova - other Eastern European countries with European aspirations and under imminent threat from Moscow - did the same without hesitation. Ukraine's application in particular was met with a very positive reaction from the EU. Our researcher Jana Juzová writes for INFO.cz.

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ČRo Plus: Ukraine applies to join the European Union. Is its membership just wishful thinking or is it actually on the agenda?

Our researcher Jana Juzová spoke on Český Rozhlas Plus about Ukraine's application to the European Union, which was submitted last week. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky submitted the application, which was subsequently supported by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the entire eastern wing of the Union. Is Ukraine's starting position problematic? How likely is it that candidate status will be granted? And which members are traditionally against the enlargement of the Union?

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INVITATION: Café Evropa online: The security situation in Eastern Europe - how much are we at risk?

We would like to invite you to the next debate within the Café Evropa series, this time on the topic "Café Evropa: The security situation in Eastern Europe - how much are we at risk?" The debate will take place on 3 February at 17:30. What are Russia's intentions in Eastern Europe? If diplomacy fails, is war with Russia a realistic scenario? Is the EU being bypassed on resolving tensions on Ukraine's borders? What exactly is Moscow seeking in relation to the Czech Republic and other Central and Eastern European states?

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Policy Brief: Responding to China's connectivity agenda in EU's Neighborhood: a Central European perspective

A Policy Brief on the appropriate response of Central European countries to China's expansion in the EU neighbourhood was produced during a study visit to the Brussels office of the Think Visegrad platform. The author of the paper, Jakub Jakóbowski, focuses on the possibilities of engaging Central Europe in the EU's global connectivity agenda, implemented under the Global Gateway initiative. He highlights links with the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership as an indispensable element of Central European connectivity.

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INFO.CZ: The invasion of Ukraine cannot pay off for Vladimir Putin

Calm on the Eastern Front. At least at the moment. Our researcher Danielle Piatkiewicz has written an article for INFO.CZ in which she monitors the situation around the Ukrainian border with Russia over the past few weeks. US and European Union officials have warned that a Russian invasion could happen at any moment.

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REPORT: Eastern Partnership Summit 2021 as a new chapter of the EU-EaP relations: Time for diversification?

A team from the Brussels Office has written a report on the Eastern Partnership Summit, which took place on 14 December. The report focuses on relations between the European Union and the Eastern Partnership.

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REPORT: Stocktaking and Evaluating EU defence cooperation – expectations and the role of the V4

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, wrote a report on the panel discussion that took place in a hybrid form in Brussels. During the panel, speakers discussed the latest developments in the NATO Strategic Concept and European defence autonomy debate. In addition, they focused on how Central and Eastern Europe, in particular countries of the Visegrad group, affect the process.

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Aktuálně.cz: Domino effect in Central Eastern Europe? EU criticises attacks on media in Slovenia

Slovenia is beginning to resemble Hungary in many ways. The European Parliament's attention has been drawn, among other things, to pressure on journalists and independent institutions. Žiga Faktor, head of the Brussels office of the Institute for European Policy, commented on the state of the rule of law in Slovenia for Aktuálně.

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