Why the US protests matter

In his latest blog, Márk Szabó explains the importance of United States protests against racism for Europe.

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Report: European Summer School 2019 "Europe Restart

In July 2019, EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy organized already the seventeenth annual European Summer School in Prague. This year’s programme was focused on the challenges that the European Union is currently facing, particularly from the perspective of Central European countries.

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Taking Stock on Future of the EU According to Macron: Perspective from the V4

Matěj Navrátil is the author of a new policy paper on the Macron’s vision of the European Union and its comparison with the V4’s idea of the European future.

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TV Noe: Current situation in Turkey in the international context

Our Research Fellow Michal Vít spoke about unsuccessful coup in Turkey, events that followed immediately after and their relevance for current state of international relations.

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HN: Tsipras pressures with Russia

Czech newspaper Hospodářské noviny published a commentary by Martin Michelot, in which he evaluates the security dimension of the Greek referendum and the convergence between Greece and Russia.

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