RECOMMENDATION: National Convention on the EU: Programme of the Presidency Trio France - Czech Republic - Sweden

We bring you a summary and recommendations resulting from the roundtable discussion of the National Convention on the EU held on 1 October 2021. The recommendations were prepared by Zuzana Kasáková.

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INFO.CZ: Another disappointment and disillusionment for the Western Balkans. Slovenia summit raises hopes for a breakthrough

In an article for INFO.CZ, our researcher Jana Juzová comments on the events of last Wednesday, when another series of EU and regional summits took place in Brdo near Kranj, Slovenia. In her article, she explains why, despite the high ambitions of organizing Slovenia, the meeting brought rather disappointment and disillusionment and what the final joint declaration contains.

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INFO.CZ: The enlargement of the European Union is becoming a toxic topic. Can the summit of EU and Western Balkan leaders break the crisis?

For Slovenia, the enlargement of the European Union is currently the expected topic of the leaders' summit. The Western Balkans could be enriched by the EU, which is a priority mainly for Slovenia, as well as the Visegrad countries. However, some member States are critical of the expansion of the Union's circles.

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ČT24: European Union Summit: What is the plan for EU accession for Western Balkans?

Our researcher Jana Juzová commented on the situation regarding the EU Summit with the Western Balkans in Slovenia in the live broadcast of Studio ČT24. The topic of conversation is, among other things, the accession of the Western Balkans to the EU, its form and timeline.

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ČRo Plus: EU summit with Western Balkans in Slovenia – What is the current situation?

Jana Juzová, a researcher at our Institute, commented on the current situation around the EU Summit with the Western Balkans in Slovenia on Czech radio ČRo Plus. The comment was about how to approach the countries of the Western Balkans, which can potentially join the European Union, but also why the European Union counts on a model of gradual accession.

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PRESS RELEASE: EUROPEUM has a new leadership. It will be led by experienced diplomat Zdeněk Beránek and Martin Vokálek

The EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy will be headed by a new director from October 1st. Zdeněk Beránek, who has worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served as Deputy Ambassador in Washington, has been appointed the new Director. After seven years, he replaces Vladimír Bartovic, who has been with the Institute since 1999. Also, current Deputy Director Martin Vokálek will be in a new position as Executive Director.

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Bled Strategic Times: The future of the EU enlargement is at stake and the blame is not only on the candidate countries’ side 

Head of our Brussels office Žiga Factor commented on the future of the EU enlargement process for the Bled Strategic Times. In his article, he focuses on the current member states and their attitudes towards the enlargement.

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Bled Strategic Times: Budoucnost rozšíření EU je v sázce a vina není pouze na straně kandidátských států

Vedoucí naší bruselské kanceláře Žiga Faktor publikoval článek v Bled Strategii Times, ve kterém se soustředí na rozšíření EU a především na postoje současných členských zemí k tomuto procesu. 

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Our research fellow Jana Juzová commented on the current situation in the Balkans for In her article, our researcher explains the tense situation which escalated after two non-papers were published, concerning the possible redistribution of territories and border changes in the Western Balkans.

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Eastern Monitor: Biden’s administration as a chance for a new start of US-EU cooperation in the Western Balkans

In her latest policy paper from the Eastern Monitor series, our research fellow Jana Juzová focuses on US President Joe Biden's foreign policy administration in relation to the EU and possible future cooperation in the Western Balkans.

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