Café Evropa a Café Evropa in regions

The long-successful format of the Café Evropa debate has been running since 2015. The aim is to mediate discussions on European issues and the position of the Czech Republic in the EU to the general public. The discussing guests of Café Evropa are experts on the issue and representatives of European and Czech institutions. Since 2017, debates have been held not only in Prague but also in the Czech regions.

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Balkan Insight: Czechia in 2021: Health, Wealth and Nuclear to Dominate Election

Danielle Piatkiewicz commented on what awaits Czechia in 2021 for the Balkan Insight.

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Debates from the EU± series

The EU± project - a platform for discussions on topics related to current EU issues in the eyes of the young generation – takes place since the beginning of 2018. In the next year, we continue with debates on topics such as Euroscepticism, Brexit, V4, Erasmus +, work abroad, the situation in the Western Balkans, migration, cybersecurity, the Czech Republic within the EU or fake news and misinformation.

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ČRo Plus: Brexit deal backed by member states. Now it's the European Parliament's turn.

The director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Vladimír Bartovic, was a guest of the broadcast of the Czech Radio Plus station on Monday, December 28. In the interview, he commented on the freshly approved Brexit deal.

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REPORT: Western Balkans in 2020

Our researchers, Žiga Faktor and Jana Juzová, analyse elections in Serbia, Croatia, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro in four policy papers and offer recommendations aimed at strengthening the EU's enlargement policy.

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Rádio Z: Brexit in connection with the end of the transitional period

The director of the Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM, Vladimír Bartovic, was a guest of Radio Z on Friday, December 18, 2020. In an interview where he commented on the Brexit in connection with the end of the transitional period.

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TA3: Vaccination in the EU will begin shortly after Christmas

Our associate research fellow Zuzana Stuchlíková commented on the start of vaccination against the new type of coronavirus. Vaccination in the EU shall begin shortly after the Christmas holidays. The European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen even declared the period between 27-29 December as “vaccination days.”

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Visegrad Insight: The State of Central Europe after the December EU Summit

Our research collaborator Zuzana Stuchlíková is a guest of the Visegrad Insight podcast, which discusses the state of Central Europe after the December EU summit and the V4 perspective in connection with the compromise on the rule of law.

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Dení Velvet Revolution in schools: This year everything took place online

The Chrudimský deník daily mentioned the activities of the EUROPEUM Institute during the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in a news article.

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CTK and others: 56 percent of Czechs would vote again for joining the EU, the survey shows

Czech Press Agency and other media published a report on a public opinion poll concerning the Czechs' opinion on membership in the European Union. The survey was prepared by the STEM Institute of Empirical Studies in cooperation with the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

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