ČT24 | Twenty Years of the Czech Republic in the European Union

According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala, the benefits of EU membership can be seen in many areas of life. The Prime Minister said this at a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the Czech Republic's accession to the EU. Our executive director Martin Vokálek evaluated two decades of Czech membership in the EU in an interview for ČT24.

"We can mention that, for example, according to analyses, the standard of living in the Czech Republic, which was at 73% of the EU average in 2000, has risen to 90% of the EU average. In 2021, it was 93% of the average. So, for me, certainly the rising standard of living. Furthermore, the freedoms that come with participation in the free market - the free movement of goods, services, capital and people - have also contributed very dramatically to the fact that our whole economy has been transformed."

You can listen to the full interview here.

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Martin Vokálek
Executive Director

Expertise: Economic issues, European security and NATO, war crimes and international law problematic

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