BLOG | Injecting the objectives of the European Green Deal into the EU’s Arctic strategy

As noted in previous posts, the Arctic has received considerable attention in the past decade due to climate change, economic opportunities, and the growing military presence in the region. As a result of this trend, shifts in Arctic security dynamics are occurring. What is the future role of the EU in this changing geopolitical environment? Zsanett Gréta Papp asks this question in her blog.

As Arctic affairs are becoming ever more geopolitically important, and the security issues and rivalries are growing, as is the need for cooperation and multilateral agreements. The European Arctic, especially, faces the greatest security challenges. Despite significant losses in its war on Ukraine, Russia has continued expanding its military bases and started testing submarine missiles in the Barents Sea to penetrate NATO’s already existing defence systems by developing further the Northern Sea Route. The EU, therefore, is committed to cooperating in strengthening the NATO presence in the region, supporting the NATO accession of Sweden and Finland. As NATO and the EU have stood united in support of Ukraine, the alliance’s northern flank is supposed to further strengthen military ties across the North Atlantic. 

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