POLICY PAPER | Resilience building in the V4 against disinformation about the Russian-Ukrainian war

The Visegrad countries are facing enormous Russian disinformation pressure aimed at breaking popular support for aid to Ukraine. If Ukraine were to lose Western support, it would most likely lose the war, which is why Russian disinformation aims to end this support. Writes Dorka Takatsy in her policy paper.

Visegrad countries face immense Russian disinformation pressure that aims to break the popular support for helping Ukraine. If Ukraine lost Western support, it would most likely lose the war; hence, Russian disinformation aims to end this support. Economic hardships are present in the V4 countries, along with a rising fatigue of war news. This policy brief lists policy recommendations for increasing the general understanding of people of the war, the EU’s stance, and the necessity of supporting Ukraine; and on strengthening resilience against Russian disinformation. This piece is a result of a series of interviews conducted in Brussels with an MEP and experts on Russian disinformation in Europe. As preparation, prior to the research trip, an in-depth desktop research was carried out on existing disinformation narratives in the region. Personal interviews gave the opportunity of scrutinizing the country-specific situation, and discussing possible desirable policies in details. The paper seeks to help agents actively shaping the public life of the Visegrad countries. ​

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This policy paper was prepared as part of the Think Visegrad fellowship programme in Brussels.

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