Policy Paper | SUMP IT UP: Prague Moving towards Sustainable Urban Mobility

Katarína Svitková, our research associate, wrote a policy paper on sustainable mobility in Prague. According to Katarína, cities play an important role in reducing the carbon footprint. Therefore, one of the key areas to focus on is urban transport.

The covid-19 pandemic brought a number of changes to urban mobility patterns in Europe. While it temporarily reduced urban transit as a whole, the mid-term effects include a slight increase in active (pedestrian and cycling) mobility, but also a reduction of public transportation passenger numbers. The latter has not come back to the pre-pandemic levels, limiting the revenue of city transportation companies. This poses a challenge when it comes to financing operations and modernization of urban transport systems.

The whole article is available under the PDF button:

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Katarína Svitková
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Climate policy, sustainability, city resilience and urban governance, security policy, international higher education

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