BLOG | “A Close Neighbor Is Better Than a Distant Relative” - Belt and Road Initiative: Are We Closer After 10 Years?

In 2013, the Chinese president introduced the New Silk Road project, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative. It was to connect China with countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and maritime regions with the purpose to coordinate policies and link infrastructure. However, the initiative, and especially China's role in it, raises many questions and doubts. What is its future? This is what our intern Šárka Váchalová discusses in her blog.

"Although Xi Jinping no longer talks so much about the BRI, it is still very likely that China will try to maintain the initiative despite the fact that some of their plans for railways in Asia, for example, have been thwarted by the war in Ukraine. The BRI is still a very important project in terms of power struggles and the expansion of influence in the world."

You can read the whole article under the PDF button.


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