BLOG: French elections amidst the French Presidency – a reflection of the impact of the French Presidential campaign

Esteban Gas has written a blog about the French elections that took place during the French presidency. While Macron’s re-election at a glance enables another term of continuation of the existing French agenda in the Union, the tightening of the gap between the far-right and Macron will have to be acknowledged politically in the years to come and might affect the EU.

For now, the aftermath of the French elections will potentially impact the French presidency to the European Council. How will the agenda of the Council of the European Union be reshaped in light of the French elections? A Council Presidency only occurs once every 13 years will; French ministers be as engaged as expected in European issues to take advantage of this rare opportunity, or will it be squandered in the post-election politicking? 

You can read the blog through the PDF button. 

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