POLICY REPORT: The Perspectives of the Czech Automotive Industry’s Decarbonization - an updated review

Michal Hrubý, a research fellow from the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, has written a report on the development of the Czech automotive industry with regards to electromobility. In his research, he discusses its current state and possible decarbonisation in relation to transport emissions. The focus is mainly on the market for chargeable electric vehicles and two areas of interest - 1) decarbonisation of the transport sector and 2) maintaining the competitiveness of the Czech automotive industry.

"In 2021, the Czech Republic had one of the lowest shares of new electric vehicle sales in the EU. There were no major financial incentives for the private sector and consumers. In contrast, almost 11% of domestic production were electric vehicles that are delivered to global markets where there is a significant demand for these products," says Michal Hrubý in his research.

You can find the complete document under the PDF button.



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Michal Hrubý
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