Building Bridges Between National Perspectives on the European Union

As we have been seeing lately, the position of the EU member states towards the Union is quite differentiated. The French Institute for International Relations began a unique project in December of 2014 which aims at bridging these different perspectives though mutual understanding and dialogue. The project is scheduled to continues till March 2016.

The Building Bridges Between National Perspectives on the European Union aims to stimulate a public debate on the relationship between the member state and the EU and on the future of the Union. To follow an analytical and educational approach, the project aims to gather both experts and local participants from the 28 member states, as well as to generate workshops and conferences in Poland, Spain, Belgium, France and the Czech Republic. At the end of the project an online publication containing all 28 contributions and accompanied by a comparative analysis will be published. The final outcome will be presented during two conferences, one in Prague, organized by EUROPEUM, and one in Brussels.

To find out more about the project, including short conversation series videos, click here.

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