In divided Cyprus, new tensions in decades-old dispute arise while history is made in the European election

Our Jiří Lacina explores, in his latest blog, the conflict over natural resources near Cyprus amidst the results of the EP elections

  • The recent escalation of the conflict over natural resources near Cyprus is likely to worsen the relationship between the European Union and Turkey and has already led to sanctions being imposed on Ankara by the EU. However, European elections taking place amid this dispute produced a landmark result on the ethnically and politically divided island.

While the first Turkish ship was already drilling gas off Cyprus coast, the 2019 European election took place on the divided island which has six seats in the European Parliament. The main Greek Cypriot opposition party, the communist Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) ended up second and gained two seats.

The potential clash between the EU and Turkey over the right to drill near the coast of Cyprus can have more consequences than damaging Turkey’s economy. It already shows the member states EU’s willingness to stand up for them when they are subjected to the violation of international law. Furthermore, these events may as well be making an excellent case for the need for an “EU army”, long-discussed closer cooperation of the EU countries within (or outside of) NATO.

You can read the whole blog here.

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