Prague Climate Talks 2019

We are happy to announce the continuation of the Prague Climate Talks project – a platform for high-level discussion on the complex issue of climate change. The project will again host a series of debates with experts, professionals from varying relevant fields and the general public.

Prague Climate Talks is a project aimed at establishing a platform for continued high-level discussion on the complex issue of climate change. Throughout a series of debates it will bring together experts and professionals from varying relevant fields as well as members of the general public.

The upcoming debates will be focused on the following topics:

Waste as a driver of climate change: what are the solutions​? (13th May 2019)

The links between waste and climate change are manifold. Waste piled in landfills produces greenhouse gases (especially methane, which is 25 times stronger than CO2). One third of all the food in the world is wasted and this contributes to 8% of global emissions. In short, waste is an often-overlooked but significant driver of climate change. What innovative solutions are being implemented to tackle this problem? What are the impacts of plastic deposit schemes or plastic bag bans? What are the barriers to efficiently reducing waste?

The report is available here. Background policy paper: Waste as a cause of climate change: what to do with it?

How will the new European Parliament tackle climate change? (20th June 2019)

In May 2019 European citizens elected the new members of the European Parliament. Moreover, the year 2019 is crucial for climate politics: member states are finalizing their national energy and climate plans, the EU is debating its 2030 and 2050 targets and the time left to keep global warming below 1,5°C or 2°C is running out. How will the newly elected MEPs tackle the greatest challenge of 21st century?

The report is available here. Background policy paper: The European Parliament and climate change: past, present and future

The future of Czech coal regions (6th September 2019)

Coal is on its way out across Europe. Countries such as France, Sweden, Portugal, Italy or the Netherlands have already announced their phase-out dates, which will occur during the 2020s. While Czech Republic has not set its date yet, it is certain that the use of coal for electricity generation is going to fade. How can we prepare the traditional coal-mining regions for this transition and ensure that no-one is left behind? What can we learn from other countries, where the transition has already happened? How can we ensure a low-carbon future of the coal-mining regions?

The report is available here. Background policy paper: The future of Czech coal regions

The effects of advancing climate change are no longer confined to remote locations on the other side of the world. They are visible and palpable here in the Czech Republic. People in countryside as well as the cities are impacted by climate change every year, be it by prolonged heatwaves or extreme droughts. What can we do mitigate this? And how prepared is the Czech Republic to adapt to climate change effects in the years to come?

The report is available here. Background policy paper: The Impacts of Climate Change in the Czech Republic: What Can We Do?


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The project is co-organised by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in cooperation with Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague and under the auspices of the UN Information Centre Prague.

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